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The website 4gz.net's list of recommended resources (linked listings to general resources intended for viewing by the general public).



Site Domains Name Registrar and Site Host
Domain names for all types of sites (web, ftp, mobile, email and image sharing sites are all readily available). Create your own website using Website Tonight or use one of our Windows or Linux based hosting plans from basic shared server hosting to completely dedicated server solutions. Dedicated design team for professionally designed custom websites tailored to your needs. The most advanced control panels in the industry allow you to manage your sites. Technical support is available 24 hours per day, 7 days a week via phone, email or online support ticket.

Premium Brand Name
Premium brand name and logo packages. Premium domain names and websites available for purchase.

Web Hosting

HD Web Hosting
Reliable web hosting on dependable servers in a monitored and secure facility utilizing a fast and efficient network connected to multiple backbones. Apache HTTPServer with PHP and MySQL support. Free domain name registration or transfer is available with new hosting payment verification (via phone or email). Site Builder online website creation tool allows anyone to get online quickly and easily. Easy-to-use web hosting control panel makes site administration, renewals and upgrades a snap. 24/7 proper support available via phone or online support ticket.

Site Host Pros
Website hosting without the hassle. Dependable Linux platform, reliable Apache webservers, fast and secure network. php, python, ssi and perl language support. MySQL and PostgreSQL database support. Cron support. Advanced hosting control panel. Shared hosting plan options or use advanced dedicated servers to take full control over every aspect of your online business presence.

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Doug Peters
Artist, illustrator, cartoonist, designer, developer, search optimizer, marketer, domainer and brand expert. A creative business man's personal website and portfolio. Design, webmastering, marketing, branding, domaining and web hosting resources/information are all available on-site.

Symbiotic Design
Creative freelance graphic design studio. Well branded, search optimized, user friendly websites are our specialty. Mobile devices and tablets are all supported using responsive design. Mobile apps and game development is also available. Currently offline due to tremendous demand.


Standard Logo
Create a standard logo or header for your website, free of charge, using our 3D logo/header maker. Website also explains the benefits of professional logo design without intrusion or obligation.

Website Design Layout Templates

Note: Publicly available website design templates are a cookie cutter approach (as well as a design shortcut) and such websites that share templates may risk the penalization of the search engines for duplicate content if thorough customization is not addressed. Such customization can be as expensive as creating and designing a completely new, original website that is specifically tailored to the business/professional entity in question.

Color Of You
Website Tonight is an easy-to-use templated site design system which allows you to find the Color of You and post your professional presence online quickly and painlessly.

Flash Web Design Templates
Flash website template designs offer a more professional appearance and a more interactive look, feel and presence than ordinary static websites. Cut out your concept, design and development phases to save time and costs with a predesigned package that you can approve from our catalog that you can tailor to suit your needs.



Flash Jump Drive
The Flash Jump Drive uses the USB port to communicate with the modern computer, as well as many tablets and hand held devices. It gets its name from the fact that it uses flash memory to hold data, because it can be used to transport (jump) data from one computing device to another and because it functions as a data drive.



Social Networking & Tools

W3N.US: WorldWide Web Network URL Shortener
A very simple and effective tool to create short URLs. Sometimes long URLs will barely fit in a 140 character SMS or Twitter message. This tool takes a long URL string (such as found in blogs, search engines, deep links, corporate content management systems and on systems such as Facebook) into short URLs which can then be tracked for traffic (add a plus sign + to the short URL to view its stats). Custom keyword and vanity URLs are also possible. W3N.US supports the western alphanumeric character set.


Educational Tuition Assistance resources and information. Articles, programs and how-to information. Also showcasing educational YouTube videos.


Provides fire safety information, resources and best practices. How to get your family ready for such an emergency.

Society & Politics

A Man's Home Is His Castle
This is a scary time, not just for Americans, but the world as a whole, the entire human race. Due to greed and poor politics, we stood at the edge of a great pit and looked down. Some lost their balance and came crashing down. Some of us are still teetering there, hopeful for a helping hand, dreading even the slightest shove.

Credit Card Fix
No matter what, credit card companies have you by the balls. Cancel a credit card and your credit score goes down because you have less credit available to you. Loan sharks don't get as much as credit card companies do when you are carrying a significant balance. They don't want you to ever pay them off, either. You are their bread an butter. What gives?


Flowery Info
Gardening and Flower Arrangements Info: Articles and information on growing flowers and general gardening. How to keep your thumb green. Arranging stunning, flowery bouquets.

Food & Dining

Healthy Cooking: Broiling. Enjoy healthy eating by cooking healthy in the broiler. Healthy recipes and cooking tips.


A Dog Is A Man's Best Friend
More than a pet, a dog can become family and is a true source of unconditional love and loyalty. Our website celebrates this novel companionship and its unique relationship. Information and resources on dogs, dog care, obedience training and housebreaking. Articles on dog breeds, shelter dogs, rescue dogs, working dogs, hunting dogs and more.


Scrimmaging of Sioux Falls, South Dakota; the local premier sports calendar. Looking for something to do? Check out the sports events listed for a game.

Competitive Fighting
Fighting sports, self-defense, Mixed Martial Arts and combat training. Fighting styles: Taekwondo, Juijitsu, Muytai, Boxing, etc...


F1 Highlights. Formula One racing video highlight footage and information.


Autos and Automotive
Auto sales, car parts and resources. Auto and truck model reviews. Auto parts and accessory information. How to buy/fix/restore your car or truck. High performance and performance for economy articles.



The Cleaver Movie
"Cleaver" is the fictitious horror movie that the Sopranos had released before Christopher Moltisanti was whacked by his family mob boss and cousin, Tony Soprano, in the popular HBO Television series, "The Sopranos". This site allows you to view as much of the film as possible along with a few back stories about it.

Dark Shades Network
The Dark Shades Network website is for the promotion and support of your favorite dark sunglasses. Sunglasses do not necessarily have to be considered dark, as they are tinted or polarized glasses. Dark glasses are considered shades. Therefore, dark shades should be considered very dark (dark sunglasses, or dark shades).


Do we wear dark glasses as a fashion statement, or as a means of protection? Do we wear dark glasses to protect ourselves from the harmful UV rays of the sun, from flying debris while riding bicycles and motorcycles, or simply just to maintain some anonymity as we hide our faces from being recognized by prying eyes?


Extended Holiday
This website offers a platform for sharing my holiday travels and vacation experiences using my YouTube videos and Facebook or Photobucket photography.

My Affilliate Shops

WorthfulTM movies, products and services.


Website Home Page

Our 4gz.net website hyperlinked listings page is intended only for useful resources. Feel free to report any listing you find that is not helpful or as offensive, contact Doug Peters.

Many of the resource and information sites listed on this page are intended to be helpful for online professionals because that is my experience. Online professionals includes, but is not limited to, website designers/developers domainers, webmasters, search optimizers, & online marketers. This resource list will grow with my spare time.  The problem so far is that I don't get much spare time.  I am working to correct that error, somehow (once I figure out how).

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