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With the advent of 5G, why is 4G still important?

First, let's make clear that all 5G is not real 5G, it is simply a hopped-up higher horsepower 4G that allows a faster throughput (and therefore faster data transfer speeds) and more connected devices.

That is essentially what all the huff and puff about the Chinese manufacturers, Huawei or ZTE, whom have taken wireless technology developed in the United States, hot rodded it and put it on rocket fuel.  But even more alarming than that is that six U.S. intelligence heads have advised that you should probably avoid purchasing one from Chinese manufacturers Huawei or ZTE.

Any company doing business in China, including Apple, which has smartphones and other devices manufactured there, is subject to the very dictorial and sometimes rather objectionable and challenging requirements of the Chinese state department, because all business in China is a state run enterprize that reports directly to the state and is leveraged to carry out the agenda of the Chinese state government.

Part of their concerns have to do with spying on other governments, corporations and even individuals.

You can reference the following stories as much better authority on the Chinese smartphone issues at the following reports:


Shouldn't we be touting our own 4G networks?

While wireless technology continues to advance, not just in the expanded capacity and workloads of the new high performance 4G capabilities of 4G that are being marketed as 5G, but the true 5G itself continues to establish itself throughout US cities, and hopefully soon our very rural country, 4G remains a staple that has been competing with wired internet access, and is a great fall-back for any 5G device when a 5G signal is not available.

In fact, most of the country is supporting the building out of a 5G infrastructre, and yet companies such as Verizon are charging over the top of what is already premium prices to access it.  In fact, unless you have both a 5G capable phone, of which only now new models have been annouced and very few are actually available (among current smartphone models offered {April 23rd, 2020}) and you are paying a premium for a 5G plan that goes beyond already inflated internet access subscription rates, and are also within the range of the few limited 5G networks available, you are still using 4G and 4G is going to backup the few 5G zones available, anyway.

That is not to say it is n ot time to move on.  5G is coming and we welcome the real thing since it promises less latency, higher throughput, few limitations on connections, and ease of access.  IF 5G actually lives up to those promises, we will be glad to see it, but as it is, it seems to be a luxury for those that can afford it, which is against every drop of blood in the internet's well being (meaning us,m the people).

The fact that 5G is becoming a luxury for the rich and corporations that can afford it limits its own development just by limiting its access.  Not only will the less fortunate (and I do not mean the poor) not have access to its capabilities, they also will not be able to develop for it, or even be a part of it, which will in turn affect the larger community by not being able to lift up the curious and reward ingenuity. 

Even video streaming will not be able to come of age in a time when, because of Covid-19, we require it.

Nonetheless, 4G will become a back-up network, eventually, but when?  When will we all have clear, unobstructed and instantaneous access to the internet on a global scale in not only remote areas of the US, but globally?  Because internet access has a vital role in the development of man and the civilization we build with it.

Luckily, 4G is a half-way option. But even 4G is not a worldwide phenomenon. There is much to address throughout the world. Feeding the hungry should be our first proprity, enriching children's lives the second. I only write this because I am priveledged enough to have a computer and internet connection, but so many have far less. 

The point is that corporate greed has put technology before the cost of humanity and the lives it takes, and this could never be more apparent than now, as we struggle to survive through a pandemic.  

Nevertheless, 4G will become less important, and we will have to come up with a new strategy for this web page. Perhaps a directory? Actually, we have one, click the link below. We will see, perhaps the directory will take over this space. Come back after a bit and check us out.

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